Photographed by Jeremy Chen

Photographed by Jeremy Chen


Lawrence De leon

My early exposure to photography was sparked by my interest in documenting my friends and our skateboarding experiences at the age of 16, shortly after immigrating from the Philippines. Initially, I recorded videos of my friends doing tricks.  At the time, I did not know that I was fostering a new passion that would be a driving force for the rest of my life.

With no apparent direction for the future, joining the military felt like the right choice at 18 years old. My years in the service were plagued with stress and pressure as I was frequently off shore with little contact to my family and friends. During this time, I started to use photography as an outlet to cope with the weight of my new career and took photos of my everyday life. I became fascinated with preserving each moment in order to possess proof of the challenges that I overcame and how everyday was a new success. I made it through these difficult times by imagining a comfortable place through a photographic medium.  I owe my ability to create daydream-like images to my military life.

After I completed four years in the military, I moved to New York City to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice at St. John’s University.  It was then that I realized that the path that I was taking was not my calling.  I found a stronger sense of self-fulfillment spending my free time taking photographs in the scenic city.  I knew that my life had another purpose and ran after my passion by moving to San Francisco, California.  I decided to let the fire inside of me lead the way and enrolled in the Academy of Art University to learn more about photography. 

As the University allowed me to expand my knowledge on photography, I started to conceptualize my idea of beauty by creating a photo project. As an artist, my goal is to create a transcended feeling within my images that will impact my audience.  My personal perception of beauty is defined by highlighting one’s imperfect qualities; the kind that accepts the flaws and unique characteristics of an individual.  My passion for completing this project has evolved into capturing various genres, particularly fashion/editorial, and portraiture.  I characterize my work as ethereal and surreal by emphasizing the beauty in the darkness; tying my past to my future.  

Contact: Lawrence@lawrencedeleon.com

Phone: (209) 406-2264




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